Saturday, 24 September 2011

A few more pretty veg to look at

Well we've had a little bit of interest from a few folks, so we're going to post images of the rest of our newly-more-characterful vegetables!

This first one is the potatew plant - it looks quite a lot like the brown nodules (the potatews themselves) are floating in the air when it's against a white background like this. But when you see it in game (and if you look very closely here) you'll see the stringy white tendrils that link them to the body of the plant.

These next two are the Fixit Berries: Fixit Doubler and Fixit Tripler. They can be used in a few different ways to increase the impressiveness of your crops BUT they don't DIRECTLY count towards your score themselves. They don't count as a fruit and they don't give you points.

We wanted to re-enforce that they were a bit different from other plants but knew they had to have eyes (since we're telling the player that if it's go eyes it's going to rot next). So we went for crocodile eyes for these chaps. Eyes that say "we're still going to rot, but we're not quite the same".

Lastly there's the beautiful carrotini. All the plants are gender neutral except for the beautiful carrotini. She's a firey red-head like Amy Pond from Dr Who. Only she has 9 nodules up her length and enormous eye-lashes... And is a plant. It's not right to fancy her... but sometimes you just can't help yourself...


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