Saturday, 10 September 2011

Infomercial Trailer

What better way to start our Dev Blog off by showing you our Infomercial Trailer (just in case, somehow, you haven't seen it already!)

It's a bit of an unusual trailer, yeah?

Well that's because a big part of the challenge for us developing the game is explaining how it works to people. It's not like Farmville, it's not like Bejeweled. What is it like?

Our answer is to just show you how it works and you can make your own mind up. Hence there's no jumping-out-of-an-explosion here. Neither is there any spinning text or final build of the game (that's another thing we should mention about it - part of the reason we made the video at all was 'cos we promised our facebook fans that when we hit 100 likes we'd show them the game however it was at that time...)

It's pretty much a straight up description of the game with a couple of jokes and some home-grown blurry video. Maybe when we launch we'll do a more razzle-zazzle trailer - but right now we're not really sure that it'd even fit the tone of the game particularly well...

Keep your eyes on this blog for our thoughts and musings about the development of the game! Or why not leave us comments begging to be told something specific? Go on, make us feel like kings benevolently handing down scraps of behind-the-scenes-gossip to our impoverished but adoring subjects... go on... please!

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