Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Jeepers pea-creepers...

It wasn't until someone flippantly told us that drawing googly eyes on our vegetables would help sell the game that we realised quite how much more characterful the Fauxtato was compared to all the others.

The Fauxtato is the vegetable on our logo and on the backdrop of this blog.

We always liked it the best because it had eyes, but had never considered that maybe if eyes make one plant more appealing, perhaps they could make ALL the plants more appealing...

Of course, we mainly didn't think about it because when I say the Fauxtato has always had eyes, I mean right from back in the days of the PC version of the game (when it was called "Vegetable Patch Extreem Turbo"). That plant got drawn with eyes for no reason and then when we came to re-draw it for the new game it seemed like a no brainer.

"The Fauxtato? Oh
yeah - that's the brown blob with eyes on it!"

Well now we'd like to announce the POWER of flippant comments! As soon as someone pointed out that the eyes were cool we realised that OBVIOUSLY it shouldn't just be the Fauxtato that gets them. ALL the plants should have them!

The images you see scattered around this post are just a small selection of the new look veggies, now at least 200% cuter, more characterful and appealing than ever before because of the flippant power of googly eyes!

And it's especially nice since we've been able to work them into the design too - using them to solve a problem we've had for a long time.

"How do I know if this plant is fully ripe yet" people have often asked when playing the game. "I don't want to miss
out and have it mulch down, but at the same time I don't know if tomorrow it will be worth more points to me..."

Well now the answer is obvious.

You see, it is only fully ripe plants that have eyes on them. Thus instead of worrying that you'll miss the best day to pick your vegetables you can follow the simple rhyme:

"When witness ye a veggie's scowl, it's time to reach unto your trowel!"

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