Thursday, 13 October 2011

This season's colours!

Hey look! Here comes the first visible change that's come out of the big shake-up we talked about in our previous post! May I present to you a stunning bouquet of this season's very most splendid flowers!

These luscious pink blooms have striking hoop petals that draw they eye and will turn heads. You could perhaps tuck one behind your ear and call it a floral monocle? They belong to the cabbabage, tewmato and tublecress

Or if your gardening gloves are a more conservative hue, why not take home one of these potatew, pea creeper or fauxtato blooms? Their splendid blue blossoms attach to the stem via an elongated , thickened sepal that holds them upright. You could slip one in your button hole and have the jaunty bobbing flower head easily grab the eye of your amore at the train station!

Perhaps you want something more ostentatious? Why certainly sir!

Our most glamorous new flowers don't just look good themselves - they come sprouting out of fully ripened gold or silver plums! Any jaunty bachelor who displays his matching set of these on his mantelpiece is bound to impress ladies and gentlemen alike!

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