Monday, 24 October 2011

Time to vote!

The Twelfth Vegetable is announced! We're going to make a Faustian pact with a Cucumbermancer!

Will you be able to harness his dark powers without being overtaken by his black arts?

BUT WAIT! We're getting ahead of ourselves!

There's THREE Cucumbermancers jostling to make it into the game and we need the public to vote for which one they think should get the position!

Head on over to the facebook page to have your say! If you're not a facebook member, track one down, get them to like The Vegetable Patch, then convince them to vote the way you'd want to!

Here's the candidates and their biographies:

Cucumbermancer number 1: Cucumber Crowley

Hailing from Leamington Spa, Crowley discovered exotic black magics in Egypt and proceeded to abracadabra his way into the seed beds of 1920's England.

Cucumbermancer number 2: Cucumber'Zhul

Supposed servant of Kil'Garden the De-seeder, Zhul turned the tables on his master and is now leader of his own street crew of tainted pea-boys.

Cucumbermancer number 3: Luton Pimm

He has a jazzy hat. A golden gas mask and a crystal pendant that glows shadows.

He hides under children's beds and sends them nightmares so that he can feed off their tears.

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